Best Outdoor Sports Event

Readers' Pick

First Place: Dominion Riverrock

Second Place: Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball

Third Place: Monument Avenue 10-K

Bikes, bands, sweaty people, blah blah. The real heroes of Dominion Riverrock are the dogs who compete in Subaru Ultimate Air Dogs, where they leap from a dock as far as they can into the water. Want to try it? Here’s how to start, according to Ultimate Air Dogs:

1. Make sure your dog is a strong and confident swimmer.

2. Get a dock toy — one that you only use when practicing.

3. Bring your dog to a lake or river with a shallow, sloping bank. Toss the toy 4 to 5 feet out and praise your dog for retrieving it. Gradually increase the distance, and then try jumping off a dock.

4. Register for the novice division at Dominion Riverrock, which includes a practice jump before each competition jump.

If you prefer to take your outdoor sports sitting down, a Richmond Flying Squirrels game is the perfect summer ticket. And the Monument Avenue 10-K will always be the city’s favorite day to run.

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