Best Outdoor Sports Event

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Readers' Pick

Second Place: Monument Avenue 10-K

Third Place: Dominion Riverrock

For all the harrumphing over the nonexistent plans to build a new baseball stadium, the Flying Squirrels at the dumpy old Diamond remain the best game in town. In their first season, the Squirrels led the league in average home-game attendance, 6,626 fans per game, and did even better last year, drawing 6,679 per game. It helps that the Squirrels' management team works really, really hard. It brings in alligators to wrestle, sets world records for high-fiving and even pretends it isn't the Squirrels for a night. Last year, a "What if? Rhinos Night" put the team in Rhinos' jerseys and fans were given Rhinos' caps. (The Rhinos were one of the rejected mascot names the team discarded for the Squirrels.) And of course there are fireworks. Meanwhile, the team's owners continue to be the victims of their own success. Who needs a new stadium when the old one is so much fun?

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