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1213 Summit Ave.

Second Place: Garnett’s Cafe

Third Place: Citizen

Lunch: It’s what’s for dinner. Well, it could be, because Lunch is open for lunch and Supper is open for dinner, with the lunch menu served at both places from open to close. Here, the salads are so big and bountiful, Elaine Benes would be proud. This Scott’s Addition trailblazer has equally super-abundant sandwiches, stuffed with meatloaf or crab cakes and the ubiquitous BLT-esque number on Texas toast that’s wistfully designated the Parker Field. Garnett’s Cafe also ranks in the upper echelons of Richmond lunch props with its precious, old-time feel, classic sandwiches, remarkable cakes and pies, and the option to pack it all up in a wicker basket and picnic in the park across the street. And, notably, there’s Citizen, where you can find happiness in a slow-roasted, pulled pork torta with cabbage tea room relish on a pressed bolillo roll.

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