Best Lunch

Readers' Pick

First Place: Garnett's Cafe

2001 Park Ave.

Second Place: Lunch

Third Place: Citizen

Garnett's moves up from second place to first place in voters' hearts this year. The creative sandwich menu has something for every taste. It ranges from the simple peanut butter and apple butter sandwich to the big daddy, a behemoth of roast beef, bacon, ham, turkey and swiss that even the biggest daddy might have trouble finishing. Desserts from Church Hill's WPA Bakery vary weekly, although you can always count on hummingbird cake and at least one gluten-free option, if not more. And if you want to eat your lunch outdoors, Garnett's will even provide the picnic basket for you. Lunch in Scott's Addition serves lunch open till close. With generously sized sandwiches named for local people and locations (the Fay, the Summit Avenue), the tiny place is a worthy destination come midday. If you work downtown, you know how lucky you are to have Citizen making fresh lunch for you in a subterranean kitchen off Ninth Street. The beef brisket and pork tortas (pressed sandwiches) can't be beat, but vegetarians have just as many savory choices, with roasted butternut squash or black bean hummus and seared plantain tortas.

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