Best Local TV News Anchor

Readers' Pick

Curt Autry, NBC-12

Second Place: Sabrina Squire, NBC-12

Third Place: Juan Conde, 8 News

Curt Autry has done it again, folks! For the second year in a row, he’s out-anchored Richmond’s on-air pool, according to voters. And despite his bold and assured repartee on social media, he’s humble about the whole thing. “Any success I’ve had at NBC-12 can be attributed to one simple thing: the placement of my desk in the newsroom,” he says. “Sabrina Squire is on my immediate left, Diane Walker on the right. They inspire, share wisdom and make me laugh every day.” Indeed, Squire — who has been with the station since 1984, has a legendary local television presence. “Our office culture makes it fun to come to work,” Autry says, “and I think it shows on TV.” And evening news wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without the charismatic personality on 8 News that is Juan Conde.

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