Best Local Radio Station

Readers' Pick

WRIR-FM 97.3

Second Place: 103.7 Play

Third Place: WCVE-FM 88.9   

All hail, noncommercial radio rises to the top of the voter heap! Since 2005, locally based and low-power community radio station WRIR-97.3 FM is everything you don’t hear on mainstream stations … and that’s a damn good thing for a wide portfolio of Richmond broadcast options. A refuge for diverse music lovers, the programming is wide-ranging and the on-air talent beyond knowledgeable about everything from the latest local talent to obscure world musicians. You can find news and talk shows as well. What’s not to love? Mainstream hits are hits for a reason, though, and voters tap 103.7 Play as a top choice. WCVE-FM of the Community Idea Stations says it’s the largest locally owned and operated media company in the region.

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