Best Local Radio Station

Readers' Pick

WRIR-FM 97.3

Second Place: K95 Country

Third Place: WCVE-FM 88.9

Easily Richmond's most musically diverse radio station, WRIR confirms that community-supported radio kicks ass and takes names. And speaking of taking names, would you like to contribute? As a nonprofit funded by member donations and underwriting from a handful of businesses, the station is run entirely by volunteers from 10-70 years old, according to its website. Here you'll find voices of the community, not cookie-cutter stuff designed for the masses. The 24/7 low-frequency waves buzz with everything from smoldering soul and gritty rock 'n' roll to smarty-pants talk shows such as "Democracy Now!" It's a critical outlet for local music too. In case you forgot Richmond's Southern flavor, K95 draws high ratings by kicking out popular country tunes and pleasing listeners with its annual CountryFest (June 28 at the Meadow Event Park). Another member-funded station, WCVE, gets a thumbs-up, too.

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