Best Local Radio Station for Music

WRIR-FM 97.3

Readers' Pick

Whew! Good going, Richmond. If you hadn’t picked this stellar low-power FM station (slogan: “Radio for the Rest of Us”) we would have been concerned for you. How could this rich frequency not be recognized as the best? Other stations say that they’ll “play anything” but WRIR actually does — pop, punk, string band music, jazz, world music. And, unlike many alternative college stations, the local volunteer disc jockeys (who pick their own music) come off like friendly music lovers, not standoffish hipsters. Salute yourselves for recognizing the obvious, Richmond, and don’t touch that dial — especially on Sundays.


Second Place: WWLB-FM 98.9 (Liberty)

Third Place: WURV-FM 103.7 (The River)

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