Best Local Radio Show

Readers' Pick

"Mornings with Melissa and Jack"
103.7 Play, weekdays, 6-9

Second Place: "Elliot in the Morning," XL102

Third Place: "Catfish and Lori," K95 Country

"We're not looking to be the loudest, wackiest or most offensive show on the radio," Melissa Chase says. "We want to be the most real." Chase and co-host Jack Lauterback (a columnist for Style) are like those dysfunctional friends you just can't get enough of and offer three hours of pop music and commentary that's sure to make you smile along the way. Formerly the River, the station went through a rebranding in the last year. "We talk about what's going on in Richmond, cool trends, hot-mess celebrities and play a ton of great music," Chase says. "Our listeners are awesome and we feel honored that they feel such a strong connection with us. We feel it right back!" Voters aren't too tied up in geography to consider Washington-based "Elliot in the Morning" on XL102 as a local treat. After all, it's right up the road and throws back plenty of local references (not to mention Dirtwoman calls). Longtime morning team Catfish and Lori at K95 also make the cut with a family friendly morning show.

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