Best Local Meteorologist

Readers' Pick

First Place: Andrew Freiden, NBC-12

Second Place: Nikki-Dee Ray, CBS-6

Third Place: Jim Duncan, NBC-12

Looks like you’ve forgiven Andrew Freiden for the misery induced by Snowpocolypse 2016 — and let’s not even get into the rains of early May. But despite whatever is falling from the skies, Freiden provides one of the area’s most detailed forecast that makes planning easy. “Our viewers get an accurate forecast, delivered by someone who can bring them more than what you can find on their weather app,” he says. “I know enough geography, ecology, hydrology, politics and history to make forecasts that are relevant to how our viewers live their lives. And even if it’s rainy, he tries to let you know about the hours that might be dry, he says, “versus just writing off the whole day.” In addition to being a solid weather dude, he keeps busy on Twitter, makes lively videos — and how about those mad juggling skills? He also claims to have “an uncanny ability to entertain kindergarteners with silly tricks and jokes.” Better-than-sunshine newbie Nikki-Dee Ray, with her colloquialisms and smiles, has gained a big following since moving from Texas to CBS-6 last March. And green-screen veteran Jim Duncan is a familiar forecaster for NBC-12.

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