Best Italian Restaurant

Readers' Pick

Edo's Squid

411 N. Harrison St.

Second Place: Mamma 'Zu

Third Place (Tie): La Grotta and Deco Ristorante

Both Edo's Squid and Mamma 'Zu are owned by Ed Vasaio, and you could say that the restaurants are two sides of the same coin. Edo's is the natty modern younger brother, while Mamma 'Zu isn't comfortable out of its jeans and flannel shirt. Some items overlap on the two menus, but Edo's emphasis is on seafood — fish is taken off the grill at precisely the right moment and whisked to the table, hot and steaming. Prepare yourself for the shrimp diavolo, which isn't dumbed down for the timid and of course, try the squid — you have six different dishes from which to choose. It gets noisy in there, but customers don't seem to mind, crowding the doorway and lining the stairs on weekend nights. La Grotta, soon to move to the Hilton Hotel on East Broad Street, gives this town a Northern Italian choice, and Sicily makes its presence felt at Deco Ristorante in the Devil's Triangle.

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