Best Head Shop

Readers' Pick

First Place: Kulture

2 1/2 N. 18th St.

Second Place: Katra Gala

Third Place: Green House Glass

If you're serious about getting your buzz on — a tobacco buzz, of course — then Kulture is, like, the most happening place in Richmond. It used to be all brass and wood, but glass has taken over. And the glass water pipes, bubblers and one-hitters are serious business. Take the Toro Circ to 13 Arm Mighty Moss Tree with Rasta Bull Label, which sells for $675. It stands at about 18 inches tall. It is, in a word, for serious toke masters only. Katra Gala on West Main Street has similar fare — it's been known to stock a glass pipe in the shape of revolver, which will blow your head off — as does Green House Glass, off West Cary Street. Yes, just when you start to lose hope, you wake up and realize that Richmond is home to so many high-end tobacco accessory shops. Dude.

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