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2602 W. Main St.

Second Place: Mango Salon

Third Place: Bombshell

Curly hair can be unpredictable. That's what makes it special. It's also the reason it can be difficult for those that have it to get a decent haircut, says Mary Jo Myers-Battiston, owner of Fan mainstay Imago. Myers-Battiston should know. Her sister was one of those women frustrated for lack of hairstylists trained in the maintenance of naturally wavy hair. "Your hair can get butchered if you have curly hair and end up with a haircut made for someone whose hair is straight," says Myers-Battiston, who opened Imago in 1999. For a max of around $80, you can get a haircut and consultation in the care of naturally curly hair. But even though the curly-haired set makes up around 80 percent of the business, all hair types and textures are welcome.

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