Best Gluten-Free Menu

Readers' Pick

The Daily Kitchen & Bar

2934 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Selba

Third Place: Fresca on Addison

With gluten-free bread and pizza available and the regular menu peppered with GF and GFO (gluten-free optional) choices, the Daily scores high for those shunning wheat with an overwhelming number of entrees listed as gluten-free. Selba's gluten-free menu is extensive, too, ranging from byaldi to shell pasta with Sausagecraft chorizo. Fresca on Addison's simple yet charming space and patio offer an inviting oasis to enjoy one of the gluten-free pastries that adorn the counter. Better yet, talk to owner Jenna Sneed, who's devoted to her customers and goes out of her way to accommodate them with gluten-free options.

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