Best Food Truck or Cart

Readers' Pick

Boka Tako Truck

Various locations.

Second Place: Christopher's Runaway Gourmay

Third Place: Goatocado

Owner Patrick Harris has opened the brick-and-mortar Boka Kantina, but his mobile game remains strong. Fusion tacos have become something Richmond can't live without, not that Harris wants you to. He's religious about posting online where and when each of his trucks will be, and the sheep follow because the tacos are that good. Some would say you know it's spring in Richmond because of the coating of pollen everywhere. Another signal? Christopher's Runaway Gourmay popping up downtown, with its salads, sides and hunk of French bread. Voters also recognized the brilliance of Goatocado, the little food trucks that could, born at a 2011 music festival when its founders couldn't find anything worth eating and decided to do something about it. Now quinoa bowls, smoked Gouda mac and cheese and Goatocado chili save hungry people from funnel cakes and sweaty hotdogs.

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