Best Food Event or Festival


Hall of Fame: Richmond Greek Festival

First Place: Broad Appétit

West Broad between Henry and Adams streets

Second Place: Richmond Folk Festival’s Folk Feast

Third Place: Lebanese Food Festival

There are rival festivals, of course, but the Greek Festival comes to nearly every Richmonder’s mind when thinking of a weekend of food, wine, dancing and — wait, did we mention the food? Broad Appétit gets bigger each year, with restaurants and purveyors jostling elbows to find a spot at this massively successful food festival. When the weather is good, expect to wait in line for $3 plates you probably won’t find on your favorite restaurant’s menu. That’s because each vendor is out to impress while vying for a plethora of best-dish awards. Even if the forecast calls for an umbrella, don’t count on the crowds to thin — it‘s a can’t-miss event.

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