Best Fitness Club or Gym

Readers' Pick

Gold's Gym

Locations vary.

Second Place: ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers

Third Place: American Family Fitness

CrossFit may be all the rage these days, but for Richmonders who don't feel like doing "WODs" in "boxes," Gold's Gym seems to fit the bill. From its start as the Mecca of bodybuilding in Southern California, Gold's Gym caters to all levels of fitness buffs nationwide. With eight locations in the area, you're never far from a cycling class, a session with a personal trainer or some time alone on the treadmill. Along with the basic amenities to get you looking good for summer, some locations also offer child care and tanning. Two regional clubs round out the winners. ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers has three locations across the area and is known for its strong support of local fundraisers and schools, while the well-rounded American Family Fitness has seven locations in the Richmond area.

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