Best Fitness Club or Gym

Readers' Pick

First place:

SEAL Team Physical Training

multiple locations

Gold’s Gym (Hall of Fame Winner)

Various locations

Second place: American Family Fitness
Third place: Burn Boot Camp Chester

Forget the Freshman 15. These days, you have to worry about the COVID-19.

If you’re looking to get off your duff and burn off some of that homemade sourdough that’s found its way to your gut, check out SEAL Team Physical Training. Founded by Navy SEAL veteran Del. John McGuire, the physical fitness company offers calisthenics workouts loosely based on McGuire’s military experience.

Eschewing expensive workout machines in sterile environments, SEAL Team prefers to engage its participants in group exercises like sprints, pushups, bear crawls and lunges at public parks. Beyond simple fitness training, the program also offers corporate team building and athletic team building.

Classes are currently being restarted at its locations in Richmond, West End, Charlottesville and Washington.

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