Best Fine Jewelry Store

Schwarzschild Jewelers

Readers' Pick

1118 W. Broad St.; 1200 Alverser Plaza; 3144 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Fink's Jewelers

Third Place: Adolf Jewelers

First established downtown in 1897 and now at three locations, Schwarzschild long has been considered Richmond's local version of Tiffany's — which recently came to town. But Richmonders still seek the distinctive, deep-blue box that's associated with luxury, elegance and beauty. Fink's Jewelers, founded in Roanoke in 1930, is owned and operated by the third generation of Finks. And Adolf Jewelers, another popular, family-owned emporium, has been in the news quite a bit this year. First, it was the target of South American jewel thieves, and in April, a car crashed through a store window. But these mishaps did little to diminish its sparkle.

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