Best Dry Cleaners

Puritan Cleaners

Readers' Pick

Second Place: HandCraft Cleaners

Third Place: Bill's Cleaners and Laundry

When you go to the cleaners, you don't expect any surprises. Actually, you don't want any surprises, unless it's the disappearance of a stubborn grease stain. But the folks at Puritan Cleaners, a Richmond chain with 13 locations, love surprising customers. They take $10 off customers' orders for their birthdays — no expiration date, no fine print. They text and email you to tell you when your order's ready. They pick up and drop off your clothes at your house, if you like. They even clean American flags, free. And they collect coats, food and prom dresses for Richmonders in need. Family-owned HandCraft Cleaners has been taking care of Richmonders' suits and shirts for more than 40 years. And customers say Bill's Cleaners in Carytown has the power to miraculously resurrect ruined clothes.

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