Best Drag Performer

Miss Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside

Readers' Pick

Second Place: Sharon Husbands

Third Place: Natasha Carrington

Really, who could the winner possibly be but the glamorous, the refined, the fabulously classy Miss Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside? At least that's how she sees it. "This year I didn't even stuff ballots or campaign," she says. "It's probably from all the sleeping around." Indeed, it's been a banner year for Miss Magnolia, filled with plenty of drama, suspense and thrills! There was the ABC board shutting down the Richmond Varietease show at Canal Club over some archaic law governing stripteases, and then the group's triumphant, sold-out return show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the emergence of Ritz & Revelry: a Vaudeville Revue. Clearly, more people are falling in love with burlesque because of lovable hosts such as Burnside. "Housewives, businesswomen and men are just looking for that release to celebrate their bodies and not be ashamed," she says. "I never really considered myself a drag queen. I am a comedian and hostess and socialite who just so happens to be a boy in a dress. I'm an entertainer!" The runners-up are well-known drag queens Sharon Husbands and Natasha Carrington, who perform at Babe's regularly. You may know Natasha from her work with Fun for a Cause, a big LGBT event that raises money for the Fan Free Clinic.

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