Best Doctor

Readers' Pick

Dr. Richard L. Gergoudis, Commonwealth Primary Care

1800 Glenside Drive, Richmond

Second place: David Berv, Back in Action Chiropractic Acupuncture Massage

Third place: Dr. Stuart Solan, PartnerMD

Fourth place: Dr. Leon Spiers, PartnerMD

Claiming the slot for another year, Dr. Richard L. Gergoudis wins acclaim from patients who admire his quiet dedication, long hours and accessibility. He takes pride in being a primary care physician, believing it to be the best line of health defense. He's also a bit of an anomaly: His practice hasn't been bought out by a major hospital corporation. "I very blessed to do what I can and feel very blessed to have patients who teach me every day," he says. (Voters may have a number of back problems because they chose as second-place winner David Berv — who is a chiropractor, not a doctor of medicine.) Two PartnerMD members — Drs. Solan and Spiers — round out the best in the field.

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