Best Doctor

Readers' Pick

First Place: Dr. Richard Gergoudis


Second Place: Dr. Banks Turner

Third Place: Dr. Matthew Marchal

At 7 a.m., including some weekends, Dr. Richard L. Gergoudis is busy at his Glenside Drive office dictating charts, answering messages, breaking through health care logjams and planning care for his patients who soon will be dropping by in a constant stream. Still, the family practice physician manages to find that personal link with his patients, who keep coming back. Such understanding is become rare with managed care demanding less time with patients, faster diagnosis and plenty of cost vetting, often at the patients' expense. Dr. Gergoudis and his colleagues at Commonwealth Primary Care are holdouts for traditional family medicine based on doctor-patient relations and owning their practice instead having a hospital group gobble it up. Family practice may not be fancy, but it's the first line of defense, can save costs and spare the patient anxiety and pain. Dr. Gergoudis' approach certainly seems to resonate with his patients, who consistently give him top ratings in poll after poll.

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