Best Doctor

Dr. Richard Gergoudis

Readers' Pick


Second Place: Dr. Banks Turner

Third Place: Dr. Lisa West

Rising health-care premiums, Obamacare and the increasing pressure on doctors to see more patients to offset rising costs doesn't faze Dr. Richard L. Gergoudis, who remains bullish on the future of medicine. "The nice thing that has not changed about medicine: It comes down to the doctor and patient in a room, one-on-one," Gergoudis says. "You get to know people really well." Gergoudis, who's been practicing medicine since 1989 and works out of Commonwealth Primary Care's Glenside Drive office, says the relationship between doctor and patient goes both ways. The patients teach him. "One of the privileges of being a doctor — you're all in," he says. "You are into people's personal, private lives. It helps me understand life a little better."

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