Best Dance Club

Readers' Pick

First Place: Off the Hookah

140 Virginia St.

Second Place: Nu Nightclub

Third Place: Tobacco Company Club

So many lights, so much haze and plenty of crazy beats keep the dance floors bumpin'. Everything about Off the Hookah screams good time. Spinners from Wednesday to Saturday include DJ Raen and DJ Fili, who make it easy to stay on the dance floor till close. The belly dancers, flair bartenders and drinks help as long as you are "dressed to impress" — there's a strictly enforced dress code. And when it gets all steamy inside, you can slip out onto the big deck overlooking the Canal. Q-94's Jackson, who serves as host some weekend nights, says the place grooves because it brings a piece of Miami to the Capital City. And who doesn't want Miami sometimes? (And speaking of, if you're in Miami, you can still get your hookah fix. There's a location there and in West Palm Beach.) At Nu Nightclub, even the dance-averse will be inspired by the moves of the go-go dancers and entertainers in drag. And the party heats up even more on sinful Saturdays. With popular house DJs Carter on Thursday and Frankie on Friday and Saturday, a side entrance and a dress code, the Tobacco Company Club keeps the party going in the basement of this flagship restaurant.

This profile has been updated from the print edition to reflect the current DJs at the Tobacco Company Club.

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