Best Caterer

Readers' Pick

First Place: Mosaic

5609 Patterson Ave. Suite D (moving this summer to 3001 Cutshaw Ave.)

Second Place: Groovin' Gourmets

Third Place: A Sharper Palate

Big-scale productions are the new normal for Mosaic Catering. It's known for putting on the best Richmond party of the year at the American Heart Association's Richmond Heart Ball, which always knocks guests' socks off with imaginative themes. Charity and corporate events, parties and weddings fill the Mosaic calendar here and regionally, with three restaurants adding to the mix. Twenty years into an ever-widening operation, the business moves into a new building in the Museum District this summer, with a fancy showroom, catering kitchen and event-production headquarters. This comes just as team Mosaic stages an 800-person, seated wedding showcase in Nashville, Tenn., in January, a coup with industry clout. Fan-based Groovin' Gourmets considers itself a client's culinary partner, with a hands-on approach to food that will "ease your mind and reflect your soul," for weddings, cocktail parties, dinners and events. In business since 1999 and founded by Brandon Bruce, Groovin' also is popular for weekly to-go dinner specials and boxed lunches. A Sharper Palate is a longtime top-flight caterer for some of the city's most tasteful events; owners Tuffy and Leslie Stone have national renown.

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