Best Burger


Hall of Fame: Burger Bach

First Place: Carytown Burgers & Fries

3500 W Cary St., 358-5225;
5404 Lakeside Ave, 447-9443;
200 Towne Center West Blvd., 266-5333

Second Place: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

Third Place: Boulevard Burger and Brew

It’s pronounced “batch,” people. Let’s all remember that. Fortunately, the folks at Burger Bach are gracious and no matter how you say the name, will still bring you burgers made with grass-fed beef from New Zealand and homemade ketchup. Back when Carytown Burgers & Fries opened in 2001, most restaurants in town didn’t have high-end, grass-fed burgers on their menus. This spot turned out cooked-to-order, house-ground and hand-formed Angus beef patties from the get-go that won its customers’ loyalty. “And our building’s got a specific, classic Richmond charm,” administrative operations manager Jordan Leonard says of the oldest building on Carytown’s strip. “If there’s one thing Richmond loves, it’s Richmond. They love claiming it.”

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