Best Burger

Readers' Pick

Burger Bach

10 S. Thompson St., 359-1305
2225 Old Brick Road, 716-6748

Second Place: Carytown Burgers and Fries

Third Place: Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Remember back before Richmond had organic, grass-fed beef hamburgers? Yeah, neither do we, and it seems neither do voters. For a second year, Burger Bach reigns as a burger king with no sign of a coup in sight. Could we have finally reached the point where we require organic ketchup and mustard? Perhaps not, given the perennially popular and reliably quirky Carytown Burgers and Fries. It dispenses outstanding and oversize burgers in all kinds of flavor combinations from a historic 1840s tollhouse building. The ubiquitous Five Guys, a Washington-based chain, rounds out the standings.

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