Best Brunch

Readers' Pick

First place:


2600 W. Main St.

Second place: Jefferson Hotel
Third place: SB’s Lakeside Love Shack
Honorable mentions: Boathouse, Lunch and Supper

The brilliance of Brunch was clear from opening day: Richmond finally had a restaurant that served its favorite meal all day, every day. From the long community table and rose- patterned mural over the bar to the waffle flights, Brunch dared you not to fall for its abundant charms.

The only problem is, brunch food doesn’t translate well in a to-go box.

“Brunch is not a Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 restaurant, so right now we’re focusing on Lunch and Supper,” explains Rick Lyons, who owns all three restaurants. “We have the opportunity at Lunch and Supper to social distance and to use the event space as a restaurant, so that’s where we’re putting our energies now.”

What it can do at Brunch right now is micro weddings for 10 people, allowing a couple to be married and party in one safe space. As for long-term plans, Lyons expects that ultimately he’ll have to dismantle Brunch and reinvent the wheel.

“In the meantime, we’re focusing our staff and resources on Lunch and Supper until we can reopen Brunch and put our best foot forward. The last thing you want is to reopen half-assed.”

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