Best Bridal Wear

First Place: Urban Set Bride

602 N. 29th St.

Second Place: Tiffany’s Bridal

Third Place: David’s Bridal

Urban Set Bride owner Christine Greenberg wants you to say yes to the dress — but only after you’ve gone home, sipped some wine and thought about it. The Church Hill mother and daughter operation of three years focuses on providing a “quiet, calm, no-pressure bridal experience,” Greenberg says. They only have one appointment at a time, traditionally a boutique experience reserved for high-priced gowns, and Greenberg doesn’t let a customer buy a wedding dress on a first appointment. Urban Set’s unique gowns are between $1,200 and $3,500, and it also serves the needs of the LGBT community and plus-sized customers. “Richmond is filled with really cool, interesting women and there wasn’t a bridal shop to satiate that need,” Greenberg says. Voters say: “I do.”

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