Best Breakfast

Readers' Pick

Joe's Inn

205 N. Shields Ave.

Second Place: McLeans Restaurant

Third Place: Millie's Diner

Ah, Joe's Inn, how do we love thee? Enough to wait outside for a table for a meal we'll throw back in 15 minutes. Some of us will even do it on a regular enough basis that servers recognize us and know our order. True Richmonders realize it's worth the wait for the solid food, quick service and accommodating vibe. Screaming toddler? Come on in. Hungover hipsters? Please sit down. Joe's welcomes all. What McLeans lacks in Fan ambiance it makes up for by staying open round the clock on weekends so that no matter how late you party, there's always breakfast waiting. Millie's is a classic tradition for its hearty food whose spices are ready to wake you up. But if you want brunch, you can only choose Saturday or Sunday. Or both.

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