Best Breakfast

Readers' Pick

First place:

Moore Street Cafe

2904 W. Moore St.

Second place: SB’s Lakeside Love Shack
Third place: First Watch
Honorable mention: Joe’s Inn

When the pandemic hit, Moore Street Cafe responded by installing a walk-up pickup window and activating online ordering. “But it was the support from the community that really made a difference,” says owner Charlie Hughes. “One guy even built a little Moore Street Cafe booth for his car and ate his food right there.”

What kind of place arouses such devotion? One with a loyal legion of fans – old and new – who can’t live without their pancakes, the crab hash Hughes says is the biggest draw and the Breakfast Club. “It’s been our No. 1 seller during the pandemic ‘cause it’s super-photogenic and holds up well to go,” Hughes says.

With plans to reopen the interior in mid-July, Moore Street’s crop of new regulars will be able to set foot in the cafe for the very first time, having only discovered it since it was closed to dining. One major pandemic change was opening the cafe on Sundays for the first time to provide more hours for staff. Now Sunday hours are permanent.

Says Hughes, “We can’t go back now.”

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