Best Bar, West End to Short Pump

Readers' Pick

Bar Louie

11788 W. Broad St.

Second Place: Mekong Restaurant

Third Place: The Halligan Bar & Grill

With serious happy hour specials, live music and lots of people to try out your best line on, Bar Louie is a nightlife destination — something that's definitely needed after a long day of working in the West End or shopping in Short Pump. Bar Louie has plenty of room, one of the biggest outdoor patios in the area, popular food specials and drink specials that keep the crowds coming. As for Mekong, winning numerous beer awards and being named a beer destination from national media only backs up what Richmonders already know: It's the spot for great beer. Halligan Bar & Grill offers a friendly atmosphere, lets people drink draft beer from a repurposed firetruck and has the barbecue you’re craving alongside that cold one.

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