Best Bar, Carytown to the Fan

Readers' Pick

First Place: District 5

1911 W. Main St.

Second Place: Can Can Brasserie

Third Place: Bamboo Cafe

“Value and vibes” — that’s what District 5 owner Roland West attributes the wild success of its Sunday brunch to. “Having a DJ playing Biggie Smalls and Britney Spears at noon was bold, but it seems like people like it,” he says. “Our $20 magnum mimosa bottles are about the best bar deal you can find on Sunday.” The word is out about District 5’s hot spot status in the Fan — and not only on Sundays. The bar still has that new-car smell, open less than a year, but it seems like every night gets packed with people seeking out the scene, the 48 taps, the patio and the fun environment. Check it out on Friday nights before it gets too late and too crowded. Carytown institution Can Can Brasserie is a classic, high-end spot, and Bamboo Café remains the little corner bar that pours strong drinks and welcomes all walks of life.

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