Best Alternative Health Services

First Place: Spinal Correction Center of Richmond

8536 Patterson Ave.

Second Place: Back in Action Health Resource Center

Third Place: The Wellness Village

If exercise is leaving you with more than just sore muscles, the Spinal Correction Center of Richmond is your one-stop shop. It’s a 10-year-old family affair, with Michael Mulvaney’s wife and daughter working there. And while the spine is still the backbone (sorry) of what they do, Cynthia Mulvaney says her husband is continually expanding his scope. “As long as I’ve known him, he’s continued his education,” she says. “Patients come in with a new health concern, and literally that’s the next thing he studies.” Most recently, he’s educated himself on functional health and holistic ways to address chronic health conditions. But first, he’ll get your back back to normal.

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