Best Adult Novelty Store

Hall of Fame: Taboo

First Place: Priscilla McCall’s

5700 W. Broad St., 288-3944
10931 Midlothian Turnpike, 378-1222

Second Place: Mongrel

Third Place: Adam & Eve

While Hall of Fame winner Taboo has earned its place in Richmond’s nightstand, Priscilla McCall’s hopes its lubricants and lingerie find their way into your sex life, too. Once your finish that latest “50 Shades” installment, that is. The North Carolina-based adult store is giving off good vibrations with two area locations, keeping county customers pleasured via shelves of toys, intimate potions and bondage equipment. The area supervisor says the store likes everyone who comes in to feel comfortable, and staff members are expected to know their wares.

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