Best Adult Novelty Store


Readers' Pick

6021 W. Broad St.

Second Place: Priscilla McCall's

Third Place: Kiss and Make-Up

Can't say we've ever been there, unless it was for something work-related. And never on Naked Mondays, the day that Alison Barber, Taboo's owner, decided to "make a little more fun" a few years ago. But Richmond's adults should be proud of the little lingerie shop on West Broad Street. Taboo was named the nation's best independent adult retail store in 2009, and the shop recently added a new fetish room, Barber says, which is all about bondage: handcuffs, blindfolds, silk restraints, and so on. Its biggest business is selling DVDs, featuring more than 10,000 movie titles. Then of course, there are the playthings. "We do a lot with toys," Barber says. And please stop asking her: No, Naked Mondays don't extend to the customers.

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