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Benedictine Grads Set School Record

Benedictine has been a major feeder school for the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, but Charles Giovannetti, Christopher Keegan and Richard Lewis all wanted go just a bit farther away.

Giovannetti, who says he’s always wanted to fly, is taking off for four years at the United States Air Force Academy. Keegan is going to the U.S. Naval Academy, and Lewis is headed for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“I think we realize that young men like us in the future are just going to have to step up to the challenge,” Giovannetti says.

For Lewis, who reports to West Point June 30, attending a military academy is the culmination of his lifetime goals, he says. “I thought the military academy was as high as you could go as far as doing something for your country,” he says. “West Point is what I consider the epitome of military [army] training.”

Lewis has been interested in the military since eighth grade. But when he brought his interest in the military to his parents’ attention, they immediately sought out Benedictine to deter their son from the military lifestyle. It didn’t work.

“The idea behind it was to kind of get me out of that military orientation,” Lewis says. “But I loved it!”

Now all three alumni seem to be issuing a challenge. “I’d love to see this repeated,” Lewis says. “I hope it does set a precedent in some ways.”

— Susan Robertson

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