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Things you didn’t know you needed.


UKEG 64 Pro Pack

The problem with growlers is that they lose carbonation and are prone to oxidation right when they leave the tap line, causing cardboard-flavored flat beer. Oregon-based GrowlerWerks may have figured it all out. It's not the first or only company that has cracked the code on pressurizing beer in a growler, but it is the first to design a cool steam-punk, silver-and-brass growler that has its own connected draft-beer faucet, carbon dioxide cap and sight glass. Plus it comes with a sturdy wooden carrying case. $278. at
Selecting Copper or Black Chrome uKegs will affect price.



USB Beverage Fridge

Hey can fans! Have a late night work or computer gaming session planned at home and want a nice cold one within reach? The USB Fridge is the answer: a small drink cooler powered from your USB port. Complete with an LED light and retro styling, the USB Fridge will hold standard 300 milliliter cans and ensures that your beverage stays chilled. $17.67 available at



Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

Slurpees move over. Kirin invented the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker. This totally eliminates the need to just dump a shot into something from 7-Eleven.
$96 at



The Sonic Foamer

Get the ultimate aromatic experience with this gadget. It makes beer taste better with a touch of a button, using an ultrasonic vibration for the perfect foam head. Sound waves release the bubbles through the bottom of the glass. Spoon and glasses not included.
$23.24 on



Box Brew Double Barrel Home-Brewing Kit

Get rid of the bulky equipment and plastic buckets and upgrade your home brewing set-up with this sleek kit. Reminiscent of classic laboratory equipment, brew two batches at a time with this kit that includes two 1-gallon glass fermenters with crystal thermometers included, eight reusable cobalt blue flip-top bottles, triple-scale hydrometer with glass test jar (and stand), auto-siphon, for quickly and easily transferring your beer between vessels, 2-inch stainless steel funnel, two drilled rubber stoppers, two three-piece plastic airlocks, laboratory thermometer, 3-foot length of 5/16-inch tubing and a recipe book with more than 25 recipes to choose from. $195.30 at