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Beer Enthusiasts Can Help Dogs Too


On behalf of Fetch a Cure, I have to respond to Jack Lauterback's comments in “Brewing Over” (Punch Drunk, Food & Drink, May 26). The World Beer Festival offers an opportunity of educating beer enthusiasts and furthering the voice of pet-cancer awareness. People can have an afternoon or evening of fun and help a worthy cause.

You mention 3 million dogs. That amount is roughly 25 percent of all dogs in U.S. households. Sadly, many more than that will be stricken with cancer. It is Fetch's goal to incorporate the exposure from the World Beer Festival to promote broad awareness that will have a longstanding impact on the pet community. The dollars from the festival certainly will help families in need, but the exposure is priceless for our cause and so is the invaluable volunteer effort that will ultimately help our mission and a make a difference long term. Cheers!

Joanne Silverman
Executive Director
Fetch a Cure

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