Best Bartender

Jack Lauterback (Cha-Cha’s, Republic)

Readers' Pick

First Richmond Magazine readers, now you? This thing’s gotta be rigged. But we’ll honor the votes. And it’s true, we know better local rail minders who cast their votes his way. Why? “Pity,” Richmond bartender Dane Acton says. With the 20-something drinkers Jack’s quick; with the older thinkers he’s quick-witted. And save us, he’s going international: In the last year Mixology magazine tapped him to contribute, flying him to Berlin to cover Bar Convent. Before his head swells and your eyes roll, we’ll give him this exercise in humility.

Cha-Cha’s Cantina: 726-6296,<
The Republic Restaurant & Bar: 592-4444,

Second Place: Ben Petty (Tarrant’s Cafe)

Third Place: Joe Carter (F.W. Sullivan’s Fan Bar & Grille)

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