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Bars and Pinholes


If a documentary is too clean, too polished, something's gone wrong, because polish is only appropriate in the most candy-coated fantasies. So a show like "Living With Conviction" at Artspace succeeds because of its awareness of the rough and unsteady hand of the artist. Freshmen students at Hampden-Sydney College, as part of an honors seminar conducted by Pam Fox and Claire Deal, spent a semester teaching inmates at Farmville's Piedmont Regional Jail to build and use pinhole cameras and, working together, they collected words and images, like "Self Portrait" by Marvin Baskerville, right. Immersed in a way an outsider wouldn't be, the inmates present images that are as unrefined and honest as a child's. The show opens with a reception Friday, April 28, 7-10 p.m. Through May 21. 232-6464 S

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