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Barksdale should be proud; Little vowel makes big difference


Barksdale should be proud
Barksdale Theatre should be feeling doubly proud following Randy Strawderman's cover-page interview in Style Weekly Cover story, Sept. 12. You have as your artistic director not only the most talented theatre director in Richmond, but we also now know he is among the most courageous citizens in our city.

Bravo to Randy, bravo to Barksdale for giving him a place to showcase great theater and bravo to all of us in Richmond, who are so much richer because of Randy's and Barksdale's presence.

Philip Crosby

Little vowel makes big difference
I certainly wish I could just skim Style Weekly for the facts. But that's the problem. You've got facts, but a lot of 'em just ain't so.

For example, look at Ed Slipek's piece on Edward Albee Cover story, Sept. 5. I knew Edward Albee had been invited by VCU to perform curatorial duties for which he is actually better known than Ed Slipek thought to credit him. But I didn't know much beyond that and wanted to hear more. As I skimmed, curiosity, alas, impelled me to slow down and read a little.

Shouldn't have done that. Skimming would have helped me overlook Mr. Albee's "adopted" parents. Edward Albee is a man of many gifts, but I don't think he went out and chose his second Mom and Dad. Also it is Shirmer Music, and not Shermer. That little vowel might not seem like much to you, but if it had been spelled that way at the store, a lot of people might've gone somewhere else for sheet music.

I tried not to read on. I don't care much for Mr. Albee's aesthetics anyway. But I do care about accuracy in writing that can't often pretend to anything else.

I suppose I should be thankful. Had any of your art reviewers actually gotten around to my show at the Anderson Gallery, I'm sure I would have had to edit them later on. And just to tell you so's you'll know: it can be rather thankless.

Brett Busang

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