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Banners of Love

In a stroke of marketing brilliance, new downtown banners take the city's brand to new heights.

In a move to appropriate the "Easy to Love" campaign to target Richmond's downtown, banners are taking things one step further.

We can't confirm the creative process here, but it seems that someone has taken the word "Easy" and broken it down into its corresponding phonetic sounds, "Eeee" and "Zeee." From there, a leap. The sounds were converted into … letters! Hence, "E" and "Z." But what to do with the word "to"? This is where things really get crazy. Forget the alphabet. How about the number "2"? Yes! "2"!

Now clear your mind of all distractions. Of what has been and what might be. Of the common and conventional. Of everything you know about language and slogans and communication past third grade. Think symbols.

We think that's how "Love" may have been transformed into the shape of a simple, powerful heart.

EZ 2 ¦. That's it!

Next week, the city's other new banner: Downtown: "Love Central."


Genius. Pure genius. — Jason Roop

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