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Bands Play for Monroe's Freedom

Throughout her incarceration, Monroe's family and friends maintained her innocence and led an intrepid fight to free her.

On March 28, Judge Richard L. Williams of the U.S. District Court in Richmond overturned Monroe's conviction, in the process calling the case against her "a monument to prosecutorial indiscretions and mishandlings."

Now living back in Richmond with her daughter, Katie, and her family, Monroe is free — but not completely. It's possible that prosecutors could seek to try Monroe again in a new trial. Family and friends have appealed to the attorney general's office to make sure this doesn't happen. Meanwhile, they spread the word that Monroe's case is an example of what happens when innocent people are wrongly convicted and how miscarriages of justice happen.

The Keep Beverly Free Concert will take place July 13 at the Canal Club, from noon to 5 p.m. It will feature percussionist David Vita with members of the Ululating Mummies in their new trio, Happy Lucky Combo. Other musicians include Maia Banks, The Stephen Christoff Band, The John Moossa Band and The Taters.

Between sets, representatives for Monroe will answer questions and offer information about her case and assist others with social and legal issues concerning justice in Virginia. — Brandon Walters

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