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Attack Based on Age Represents "New Low"

I was incensed after reading "Stiff Competition" (News & Features, Sept. 5). Dirty politics is a shameful part of political campaigning, but when it encompasses the age of someone, then a new low has been reached.

The fact that Beth Featherston Jones is flaunting the fact that she is younger than Bill Maxey [who is 86] is disturbing. Do we want a person in office that we know is biased against older people? The fact that she is 44 years old is no testament to her intellect, experience or her capability to represent Powhatan as clerk of courts. Maxey, on the other hand, has shown that he is intelligent, capable and dedicated enough to continue to carry out his duties as our clerk of courts.

Age discrimination is hurtful to say the least and has no place in this election. That age has been chosen as part of a campaigning platform is shameful and speaks to a lack of respect for an opponent based solely on the number of years lived.

Susan Ash

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