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At Home With: Leslie Davis

Public-relations and communications specialist

I've done some reading on feng shui. … truly, one of the reasons I didn't take that basement room, that was gonna be my office. But you're never supposed to have an office on the bottom floor, did you know that? Your office should always be at the top, for the creative energy, the flow, or whatever. So of course that stuck in my mind the whole time while we're building. That's why [my son] John's got the downstairs. And it works better for him to be down there. He's a smelly 16-year-old guy.

The whole move has just been so positive. There's something about living in a house that needs work all the time. You get depressed, you know? This was just a blank canvas and I just loved the possibilities. … a little scared, but I knew I had to go with my instincts. I knew the colors, I loved that aqua, and I love the salmon, and I wanted to see blendings, and I wanted a purple bedroom, by golly. … I'm gonna get it, you know. I feel like I've worked my fanny off for years to do what I want to do, so I did it. — As told to Carrie Nieman; photographed by Stephen Salpukas.


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