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At Home With: Kay Adams



I think my workshop is pretty cool. I mean, this is where it all happens. This is the heartbeat of the house, this is the center. This is my creative haven. This is my utopia up here, where I draw all the stuff from. If you open any given drawer, it is just loaded with stuff I can use for making things. All of this comes from estate sales and auctions and just being purely obsessed. It's just part of me to be looking incessantly.

[My mom and I] opened Anthill Antiques together 12 years ago, and I didn't even know there was so much creativity in me. I started doing chandeliers but kind of let that go by the wayside so I could focus on this other stuff. Sometimes I come up here in my nightgown and will go at it for four days straight. I will eat and get to bed to rejuvenate, but I will get right back up here. I go through creative withdrawals if I can't be making something 24 hours.

Some stuff I take from Anthill because it has been sitting there for too long and someone should have cared and they didn't and it's so beautiful and I know I will re-create it into something that will make them want it. I will make it into something they have to have. No matter how much it looks tangled or unworthy, it's worthy.

I am inspired constantly. An article of clothing can inspire me, or the way something looks just sitting there. I could look at the waves in your hair and put that into some kind of necklace format. Each piece is its own challenge because it has no rhyme or reason. Everything is a different 3-D piece, and so it just makes me go, "Whatever I have to do to you, I will. However I have to wire you or glue you or epoxy you or solder you, I will get to you, my pretty. You will be mine."

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