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"As You Like It" at Agecroft Hall



Sure, all the world's a stage, but not all of the characters are interesting nor the plots complete, unless we're watching a time-tested piece of theater that audiences have loved for centuries. Steamier than "Paradise Island" and tripling the IQ of the Land of the Bachelorettes, the Forest of Arden is the original den of iniquity. An abundance of cross-dressing and falling in love with the wrong guy (or girl) is followed by a mass wedding, making Shakespeare's "As You Like It" the original prototype of the thinking person's soap opera. The play is the first Richmond Shakespeare performed when it opened 23 years ago, so the company's bound to have it all figured out. Performances scheduled nightly at Agecroft Hall Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8. Tickets are $24. Call (866) BARD-TIX or visit -- Valley Haggard

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