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Art for a Jail?


The art budget for the new jail was a surprise at the least (“With New Jail Comes $1.3 Million in Public Art” ). I am not against public art, but for a jail? If there is $1.3 million for a jail, perhaps the jail should be the slave-jail cemetery.

David vanBlaricom Sr.

Art on the walls surely will prevent crime and reduce recidivism. Yeah, right!

If art has to be on the walls of a new jail, perhaps the inmates could provide it as part of their rehabilitative therapy for the cost of the paint and supplies instead of the $1.3 million. Art is nice, but I question its funding for this purpose at a time of economic calamity. The enactment of this obscenely absurd legislation requiring this waste proves that our politicians will never be serious about correcting the budget or debt fiascoes. After all, they are spending other folks’ money.

Max Maizels

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